How Plus-Size Women Can Be Fashionable This Summer

There were certain fashion rules in the past where bold colors like red, orange and yellow should not be used in full-figured clothes. However, Dale and Waters that has been providing clothing for plus-size women in Australia since 1975 is not adhering to the common belief that +size women should only wear dark colors. Dale and Waters believe that women must have stylish and elegant plus-size wardrobes.

This season’s fashion trends are expected to work perfectly for different body types as long as they are cut right. The black and white trend in clothing looks particularly sleek and beautiful on curves. Something simple like a black dress with white or vertical detailing on the sides will create a nice silhouette. Wide legged jumpsuits are stylish for +plus size women and they can be worn for different occasions.

Another easy item that a +size woman can wear is the shirtdress with a great fit. Wearing all white is also chic and looks good on all body shapes. For example skinny white jeans can be paired with sheer white buttoned down blouse with a Panama hat. It is important not to be afraid of playing around with the sizing of each brand since brands do not always have consistent sizes. Some sizes may fit better than others and if it is the right fit, you will feel better and more confident.

If bold colors and patterns are used on +size clothing, the shape and silhouette must be more tailored and closer to the shape of the body. It can be matched with a pair of heels in neutral shade and some simple jewelry.

Another thing that women must pay close attention to is undergarments. Nude undergarments are safe and are the all-around choice particularly when trying the all-white look. A comfortable body shaper is a must so that it can easily be smoothened out if necessary under a form-fitting dress or a light fabric. During summer, when less is more fashionable, it is important to have a good starting base. The undergarments must be made from lighter fabrics and they have to be seamless underneath the summer dress.