How Do Thieves Get Inside Cars With Sophisticated Locking Mechanisms?

If you find yourself locked out of the house or car, North Brisbane locksmiths are just a call away. Today’s car designs make it more difficult to get into the car when you forget the keys inside. There are car lock designs that do not allow you to hook the lock inside the door panel. Locking mechanisms have become more sophisticated because of technology.

However, what is puzzling is how thieves can easily get inside the car. According to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff, the north side of the county has the highest occurrences of car break-ins. It is expected that the holiday season will increase the number of car thefts. The big problem here is that no car is spared whether they are parked in driveways or remote areas.

There are two different types of persons the good and the bad that use the traditional crow bars and hammer to get inside a car. Tony Underwood, manager of Conner Commercial Lock and Safe, said that they are valuable tools in the arsenal of a locksmith. However, burglars can easily get hold of the items and use them to open car doors.

Experts suggest a couple of things to avoid car theft. Valuables must be kept inside the house and not on the car. The trunk must always be locked if it contains valuable items. Underwood says that it all right to use the glove compartment as long as it is securely locked. Most car owners use car alarms but it seems that nobody is paying attention to a honking horn anymore.

According to locksmiths the hardest cars to get into are German cars because of the extra security details. But it does not mean that thieves can’t get inside the car particularly if they see something valuable inside. It is too tempting like a buffet.

The services of North Brisbane locksmiths extend beyond opening and replacing locks. They can fix broken locks, make keys and install security systems and alarms. Their job is not simply based on talent but years of perfecting the profession. They can specialize in one aspect like unlocking car locks or providing security systems to homes and businesses.