How Creators Of Catamarans Come Up With Unique Ideas

Aside from design, creators of new cruising catamarans always take into account comfort, performance, ease of use and good ergonomic flow. When you take a look at the boats themselves, you will hardly notice the difference but there are certainly standouts from this year’s top models. Continue on reading to know how the creators arrived at the different boats from a germ on an idea to prototype to model launch.

The US-built Main Cat 38 was conceived, designed, manufactured and sold by Dick Vermeulen. When he conceptualized 38, Dick asked himself the following questions. Who’s going to use the boat and how are they going to sail it. You should remember that the Main Cat 41 was a big monster of a liveaboard boat. It has the ability to carry weight that includes a generator set, air conditioning, 365 pounds of toys on board not to mention the dinghy and the engine.

Then again, the buyers of the Main Cat 38 must be interested in comfort, stability, ambiance, space and visibility. However, they want to be able to pass other boats. This is the very idea for the 38; it must be the most efficient machinery in the water.

On the other hand, Fred Signat has a different idea when it comes to building the Lagoon image. Competitors consider Lagoon as caravans. Journalists were asked to come up with ideas and technical solutions. There were plenty of ideas like reduced pitching and some were applied to add to the Lagoon philosophy of easy to use, comfort, safety and performance. The boat must be easy to handle particularly since it was not intended for racing.

At least 20% of the Lagoon boats go into charter and the creators receive feedback from the charter companies. They also value the feedback from customers, dealers and after sales services to come up with something new for the market.

In many parts of the world, Catamaran Charter Phuket is perceived to be luxurious and exclusively for the wealthy; however, you will discover that it is actually affordable and accessible. A crewed yacht charter will be one of the experiences in your life that you will never forget.