How A Foreigner Can Apply For A BOI Company Registration In Thailand

To ensure that you have everything you need when setting up a business in Thailand, you need to work with certified professionals that have the experience and expertise. With their knowledge and skills, you’re certain they can provide the best business solutions for your BOI company registration in Thailand.

If you have chosen the right firm, you are guaranteed they can work with your company registration and business setup. You can count on the firm for getting all the things you need for your new business.  So, here’s how they can help with the company registration.

In Thailand, you’ll be offered the highest business potential if you as the foreigner will start a business here or probably invest in a certain location. Thailand is not only known for economic growth, dynamic consumer market, ample natural resources and strong exports, but is the best place for expatriates to do business. They’ll just have to approach the designated government agency that handles the company formation, BOI company registration and business operations of foreigners in the country.

So, you can setup a business in Thailand, you need to work with experts who are familiar with Thai laws and legal practices. It can be really difficult and challenging if you don’t know anything about a business setup here. If you have chosen the right professional to assist you, you’ll find that setting up a Thailand business can be smooth and seamless. They can also handle the most complicated matters, all with ease.

The business structures accessible to foreigners can come in a wide variety, to include the Thai Limited Company. The process of registering your company in Thailand will have to depend on your selected company structure. A simple Thai limited company can take about three to five working days to 90 days for a complicated BOI company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners own or hold shares in a Thailand business?

If you are one, you can possibly own your own business in Thailand. You just need adequate support, infrastructure, efficient workforce and a wide variety of government bonuses, so visas and work permits can be issued to setup a Thailand business and work with the BOI company registration for foreigners. Besides, the right professional firm can make the best business structure and assist in the company registration and formation.