Honda Reveals Electric Bike Prototype At Tokyo Auto Show

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, two-wheelers included, many dealers, like, are preparing for having to handle the new machines. As for manufacturers, major names are now revealing their designs for electric vehicles of their own.

That’s what Honda did at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, showing the world, for the first time, its prototypes for the CR Electric dirt bike, and the Benly Electric scooter. Notably, the Benly Electric looks to be an iteration of the standard Benly scooter, making its specifications easier to guess.

The CR Electric prototype, however, has less noticeable roots, but it resembles the Honda CRF dirt bike, sporting a similar aluminum twin spar frame that they use for the 250 and 450 CRF models, as well as the bodywork. This implies that the CR Electric is made by Honda putting its own electric motor and batteries into a similar frame as gasoline-powered dirt bikes. The prototype also sports knobby Dunlop dirt tires connected via Showa suspension system.

The bike sports the iconic iconography of Honda and longtime partner, Mugen, who were responsible for the creation of the Shinden racebikes that participate in the Isle of Man events for electric motorbikes. The engine is clearly different from the Shinden’s, but given the close relationship between the two companies, it’s almost guaranteed that Mugen designed something special for the CR Electric.

The CR Electric’s motor and batteries are also different from the E Rex’s, a dinosaur-themed electric bike that Mugen showed off at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show.

The Benly Electric, meanwhile, heavily resembles the existing 110cc gas-powered models available from and other dealers.

Currently, the specs of these two bikes are a mystery, as to whether or not they’ll be turned into production models. The Tokyo Motor Show is a showcase for new ideas by Japan’s motoring industry, but more than a few concepts end up just that; concepts. However, the existence of these two models, which the company insists are prototypes, ie, the first iterations upon which future models will be built upon, suggest that they do have plans to create a production model. Only time will tell what Honda has planned for the CR Electric.