Halloween Is Big For Business And The Kids

Halloween will soon arrive and you need to get ready with that costume and bag of candies and know some Halloween facts.

Halloween will be every October 31st. On this special night, children across the United States are expected to wear special costumes and do their faces in order to look like some frightening characters and creatures. These cute little ghosts, witches, goblins and vampires will be walking around the neighborhoods, knock on doors and then yell “trick or treat”. If those inside their homes will not give these children sweet treats like candies and chocolates, the children will play a trick on them.

Most homes will also be decorated in celebration of Halloween. Homeowners hang skeletons, toy spiders and other scary decorations on bushes and trees and in their homes. Pumpkins are also popular this time of the year. People usually empty their pumpkins and carve scary faces on them. They then place a candle inside the pumpkin face which will glow in the dark.

The Halloween tradition takes its root from ancient Celts belief. The Celts had this belief that the spirits of those dead would return to their homes every 31st day of October during the autumn feast. Celts would build large fires in order to frighten away these evil spirits.
People coming from Ireland and Scotland brought these ideas when they went to the United States. Many believed that these spirits played tricks to people especially during October 31.

Big business in Halloween

Today however Halloween becomes a favorite holiday for the children. Halloween is also a very big business. The National Retail Federation has already given their predictions about the spending this Halloween based on the trend the past decade. They reported that the Halloween sales this year is expected to total about $7 billion. The federation also said that every average person is likely to spend about $77 on Halloween costumes, candies, decorations and other goods. The NRF also reported that more Americans are planning to be a part in Halloween activities this year compared to last year. The group is expecting around 160 million people who will join in the celebration compared to the 158 million last 2013. It further says that around 54 million of these people are planning to hold Halloween parties in their homes.