Greenroom Digital And CSM Partner Together To Launch Marketing Platform

Melbourne-based Greenroom Digital, a digital marketing firm, with the help of CSM Sport & Entertainment, recently launched the new Greenroom Connect, a new digital marketing platform designed to help their clients get better King Kong marketing reviews and grow from marketing in the sports and entertainment sectors.

Greenroom Digital and CSM started their partnership in 2018, with the goal of developing digital and data-driven marketing strategies and technologies.

Greenroom Digital stated that this new platform, running on a direct-to-consumer model, was launched in order to enhance their partnership with CSM by providing a unique selling point for them. This new product is aimed at providing better insight to demographics, as well as automating segmentation, which helps in ensuring that their clients’ messages are delivered at the best time, improving King Kong marketing reviews and commercial returns.

Greenroom Digital Co-Founder and CEO Nick Biggin stated that the platform is a chance for the agency to break new ground in partnerships with the use of data-driven performance marketing, noting that the industry was lacking a cost-effective platform that boosted returns from advertising for brands and sports organizations.

They added that they’re excited to offer the new service across the world, thanks to their partnership with CSM, and that they see it as a good step forward in helping reignite the world’s sports economy, which was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new platform will be offered alongside Greenroom’s other products, which are primarily used for improving fan engagement via the use of data acquisition and deeper audience insight.