Green Funerals And Themed Memorials – New Trends That Give More Meaning In A Time Of Grief

The current generation of families’ opinion and attitude towards funerals have changed so much. The idea from the traditional customs are still present but the addition of customised and personalised approach have grown in popularity as it adds more meaning to the event. A memorial is an event to highlight the life of the departed as loved ones gather to celebrate them one last time. Thus, it is just right to fill the ambience with a personal touch about them so that even if they have physically left us, they will be enliven even just for that event. Funeral Directors in Perth are not just sympathetic but they are creative enough to incorporate customisations while keeping the solemnity intact.

Themed Memorials

As this gathering is a time to commemorate the days spent by the departed in this world and how the departed have touched the lives and hearts of those gathered in their memorial, it only gives more meaning to hold a themed funeral highlighting the departed. This personalised funeral varies from simple to a more detailed themed memorial. While most settle by decorating the ambience with the departed’s favourite colour or favourite flowers, others go as far us wearing costumes regarding the departed’s interests. For instance, if the departed is a big fan of rugby or football, people in attendance may be required to wear apparel of the said sport. Another common request Funeral Directors in Perth usually get is to have the departed’s favourite playlist or favourite artist’s album playing in the background during their viewing.

Green Funerals

With the increasing awareness and eco-consciousness, most people have strong opinions and preferences about putting the environment first before their own personal needs. It is only adequate to respect this even after their death with a funeral that will not go against their beliefs. There is a wide selection of green alternatives for funerals nowadays that take the environment into consideration from the coffin of choice to the burial. The idea is to have, as much as possible, no effect on the ecosystem, but still make the event meaningful. This practice is a good initiative and is indeed growing in popularity.