Fortnite Developer Disrupting The Video Game Industry

There is no denying that Fornite took home the award for being the biggest video game for 2018. While there are many cheap CD keys for other games, this game still lead the pack by developing its own pop culture at the same time generating a lot of revenue.

Fortnite brought a lot into the table of video gaming industry but none shone the spotlight on the fact that Epic Games, which is the developer of the phenomenal game, is trying to use the success of the game in order to slowly shift how the industry works.

This began with a simple decision of offering Fortnite directly to all mobile Android users without the need to go through Google Play. It is a clear message that the company does not appreciate the fact that Google pockets 30 per cent of in every transaction made. The same model is used by Apple when it introduced the App Store almost a decade ago.

Another remarkable move made by Epic is to launch its very own Epic Game Store which is a platform for PC game developers to offer their games. Epic still gets a part of the revenue but only 10 per cent compared to the 30 per cent slashed by Google and Apple. Discord stirred the same sentiment which is why Steam, a game store for PC video games, decided to change the model it follows when splitting revenues.

These are just a few of the signs that indicate how companies are trying to change the way big tech companies work with intent on disrupting the industry until it changes its model. Project Steam was recently introduced by Google which is currently in beta testing. Its goal is to provide games to mobiles and PCs with the same high quality played on console through the use of web browser. The move is followed by Microsoft with the introduction of Project xCloud and Electronic Arts is also trying to get into the business by releasing its own streaming project.

These developments are turning to be quite interesting that even with cheap CD keys many are still attracted to purchase new releases because of the hype the companies are stirring.