Former City Lawyer And Judge Of Auburn Dies At Age 62

A former lawyer who had also served as the city judge of Auburn had recently passed away at the ripe age of 62. He was a prominent figure who was a personal injury lawyer along with extensive knowledge in various areas of the constitution.

According to the corporation counsel, John Rossi, Andrew S. Fusco, who was also the assistant corporation counsel of Auburn, had died overnight and the fire department of the city was the one who responded to a call from Fusco’s residence at around 5:30 in the morning. Up till now, the cause of death is yet to be determined.

Attorney Fusco was known to be a Republican. For 10 years, he had served as a city judge of Auburn as stated in the archives.

Just recently, before his death, he was working for the city and representing his clients through his own personal office which is located on the South Street of Auburn. Fusco was known to be a resident of Auburn.

He also represented the city in a very high profile tax lawsuit against the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse.

Rossi regarded Fusco as a valuable and integral member of the office of the corporation counsel. He described him as an expert to many things especially when it comes to planning and zoning and is also a man of many complicated matters. Rossi says that Fusco will be truly missed.

At the time of his death, the late attorney was currently engaged in a tax case against drug stores in Auburn. And the characteristic that makes him standout as a lawyer is his ability to handle very complex cases whether it is in local or appellate courts.

Although he was widely known for matters concerning the municipal, he was also known to be a personal injury lawyer and handled land use and real estate cases.
During an interview back in 2012, when he was younger, he wanted to be a journalist. But when he was spent a few years working as a writer, he opted to pursue law instead.

Fusco is survived by his wife and his two children, one of which has recently become a lawyer.