Facebook Continues To Be Flooded With Fake Review Groups

Many organizations have invested significant capital to create a corporate brand and reputation that will appeal to both consumers and potential employees. Happy and well-appreciated employees post honest King Kong agency reviews to support the employer’s goal of attracting new talent. Imagine the effect to the employer if the first search results about the company are positive.

The internet has given rise to comment/complaint-oriented websites, job seeker specific sites and social media sites where employers are exposed by former employees in slanderous postings. While free speech is beautiful, fake untruthful reviews must not destroy an employer’s image and reputation.

More than a month after UK regulator warned Facebook to crack down on fake reviews, the social media site has failed to stop the sale of fake reviews on its platform. Based on the investigation carried out by Which? it was revealed that in spite of the concerns raised by Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) fake review groups continue to flood Facebook to deceive consumers.

According to estimates, there are hundreds of groups recruiting writers who can create fake or incentivized reviews. Which? researchers and Facebook review groups found out that 3,511 new posts can be generated in just one day and more than 55,000 per month.

In June, CMA warned Facebook and eBay to conduct reviews after the organization found troubling evidence that the sites are thriving marketplaces for online fake reviews. The platforms were told to remove and prevent fake reviews from reappearing. EBay managed to eradicate listings that offer 5-star reviews for sale.

However, a number of fake review groups are still rife on Facebook and this has raised serious concerns on whether the site’s attempts to tackle the growing problem are effective. According to Natalie Hitchins, head of products and services at the consumer group, their latest findings reveal that Facebook has systematically failed to take action because it continues to be plagued with fake review groups.

While disgruntled employees of other companies post negative reviews to hurt their employers, satisfied employees opt to post positive King Kong agency reviews in support of their employer. These employees are happy with the work culture and environment, work-life balance, benefits and perks and career growth provided by their employer.