Experience Dishes From North Korea In Sukhumvit

It was two years ago when a restaurant with North Korean cuisine was launched in Ekkamai. What is surprising about this venture is that the owner is actually North Korea and the operation is done by North Korea itself. The restaurant was called Pyongyang Okryu and though the experience is not the same as eating in North Korea, you will be amaze at the number of customers eating there including Japanese, South Koreans and foreigners from Western countries.

The restaurant has already closed its branch in Ekkamai because of the secluded place which is a good thing as it makes the place a hidden gem but the company has a different plan in mind. Guests and tourists staying at a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit will be happy to know that the restaurant relocated to the bustling Suukhumvit.

Along with their reopening, the restaurant now dons new decors and trimmings are fancier than before in order to match the big leagues around the area. One would think that the restaurant is rising along with the changes that are happening in North Korea.

Upon visiting the restaurant, one will be able to see two female North Koreans that are guarding the doors. They smile to the coming customers. Inside, you will be able to experience a sterile surrounding where everything is polished and shining.

If you are looking for souvenirs from North Korea then you are in for a treat as they have various options for sale at their counter including a ginseng soju and dolls. Getting to talk with the North Koreans is not the only reason why many flocks to the restaurant but they also come to witness their evening show. They present Western songs of their own renditions and the women servers are the same one who are performing.

Majority of tourists that are staying at a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit is visiting the location not because of the food but because of its unconventionality and freshness. This is a good break if you are used to having dishes from the south and wanted to try something new. While the cuisine between the north and south do not have much difference, there are a few unique dishes that the north can offer.