Embroidery And Textiles Of Thailand

Thailand is famous for its Silk and amazing works of embroidery. The villagers in the remote parts of the country, create unique pieces of embroidery using hand-dyed silk threads. The precision of these artisans turns the silk threads into a stunning art creation. The art of hand embroidery is passed on from generation to generation.

The reputed, embroidery in Thailand artists create unique pieces of art that capture the Thai way of life. The artworks feature glimpses from Thai literature, the local lifestyle of the Thai people, The Thai customs and traditions, scenes from the local history and images of the local flora and fauna.

The skilled artists doing embroidery in Thailand, dye the original raw silk thread into myriad hues and use these hand-dyed threads to create stunning pieces of art. This gives the artwork a smooth, shiny and subtle appearance.

The different parts of the country are popular for variety of textiles and embroidery patterns. Here is a list of few of them

Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand Hill Tribes create unique embroidery designs with gold and silver threads. Chiang Mai is the best place to get an insight about the handicrafts of this area. The area is famous for seed embroidery, applique work and chain stitching. Mo Hom is another popular handicraft from this region.

Southern Thailand

The handicrafts and textiles in the southern part of the country have huge Malaysian and Indonesian influence. Pha Yok is a rare textile woven in this region, which is favoured by the royals. The highly skilled weavers use complicated techniques to create lustrous Pha Yok textile from gold and silver threads.

Northeast Thailand

The north-eastern part of the country is popular for its silk and cotton textiles.  Each of the village in the region has its own unique signature fabric. Mudmee silk is a famous variety of silk from this region. The Mudmee silk is also popularly known as the Queen of Thai Silk.

Tourists can buy stunning fabrics and silk embroidery in Thailand creations from many markets in Bangkok. They can also visit Chiang Mai and other popular villages in different parts of the country, to buy the original fabrics directly from the weavers and artisans.