Dudley Council Approves Purchase Of £600,000 Energy Efficient Heating System

It is very likely that you have experienced boiler breakdown. It made you aware of the importance of boiler repairs in Hull to ensure that the boiler runs safely and efficiently and will spare you from the frustrations of not having warm water and heat. Boiler efficiency will also reduce the amount of fuel consumed to heat the home.

The Bell Street facility that is owned by the Dudley Council has gas fuelled boilers. According to the authority chief, the boilers are past the point of any economical repair. The contract to run the combined heat and power plant is also about to expire. The solution is a new £600,000 energy efficient heating system for Crystal Leisure Center.

The new open-loop heat pump is not only a cost effective solution; it is environmentally friendly. The innovative system will use ground water that will be extracted through a bore hole as a source of heat. To boost the temperature to suitable levels, a heat pump will be used before ground water is returned. 4 to 5KWh of heat will be produced for every KWh of electricity used. Since the technology is low carbon, the borough will be able to achieve its objective of being cleaner and greener.

According to Councilor Khurshid Ahmed, the cabinet member of Dudley who is responsible for leisure centers, they are working towards the creation of a greener and cleaner borough by being more energy efficient with their facilities.

The current heating system of Crystal Leisure Center is already more than 20 years old. The council is confident that the new system will have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time reduce operational expenses.

The total cost of £600,000 will be subsidized by Renewable Heat Incentive through payments worth an estimated £126,000 per year.

In most cases, boiler repairs in Hull can improve the energy efficiency of a boiler and rule out the risks of gas leaks. However, when the boiler has reached the end of its usable life, the boiler engineer will suggest replacement with a new energy efficient boiler. Initially, the investment will be quite significant but it will be offset by the savings in energy bills.