Drowning Boy Rescued By Groom On His Big Day

It is rare to hear good news these day and many people would feel that listening to the news is just a bad idea. When good news happens, it is a great reminder that despite all the darkness in this world, there is still some good left in this world. It is not often that good deeds are documented by wedding photography in Sydney but this time it was capture by a wedding photographer. The most recent good news is that a Canadian man saved a little boy from drowning. The man was Clay Cook and he was in the middle of their wedding celebration and busy taking photos with his bride. He saw the boy’s friends pushing him straight into the water and he ran to save him.

Clay Cook and Brittany Ross, his bride, was busy having their wedding pictures taken but they have already noted that three kids have been following them as they shoot all over Victoria Park located in Kitchener city, Ontario. Darren Hatt was the photographer and he was also busy shooting away to get more pictures of the newly wed. Hatt was shooting with the bride in a solo pictorial thus Clay had to step aside for a while. That’s when he noticed that the three kids are now only two.

The two kids are looking into the river and he decided to come over to see what they were looking at. When he came closer, the kids were telling Clay that the boy on the river can’t swim. Clay jumped into the river and told the kid to reach out for his hand and he was able to pull him out.

The wedding photographer said that the kid was already on his back floating in the water. They saw that he consumed a lot of water and mucous is starting to come out of his nose. It was a scary experience for them as it could have gone unnoticed.

Heroic acts such as this are rarely captured by wedding photography in Sydney but the whole world is glad that the wedding photographer that day was able to take pictures of the unmemorable event.