Dream Wedding Challenge Held In Thailand

Thailand has become a dream wedding destination for many couples that wedding hotel in Bangkok is always booked. It is no surprise that local brides are also aspiring to have their dream wedding in the capital. In the recently concluded Running of the Brides, over 300 couples joined the race around the city of Bangkok while competing for the major prize of a fully sponsored lavish wedding with trips for the newlywed’s honeymoon. The race is comprised of a 3 kilometre run which is done yearly.

The honeymoon trips set for the couple are in Japan and Maldives. The grand prize is worth 2 million baht. During the race, the brides-to-be have to get themselves ready as if going for their wedding ceremony. They will run on their own for the first two kilometres. After which, they are to meet with the grooms who will give them a piggyback ride to their final destination.

The winners for this year’s event are Saisroy Songprasert, the bride-to-be, and Wasan Thatnamol, her groom-to-be. They were able to finish the race with a final time of 27.43 minutes. According to the couple, they had to run for their lives in order to get the grand prize.

This is the best chance for couples who are planning to get married but do not have the money to fund their dream wedding. During the event, while the brides-to-be are wearing their wedding gowns, they paired it with running shoes in order to run as comfortably as they can to the finish line.

With the growing wedding industry in the country, this event is just another way for businesses and vendors to market their products. For instance, the sponsorship of the wedding hotel in Bangkok will pave the way for other couples to learn about the hotel and the services especially if delivered in the best possible way. Recent studies have revealed that weddings nowadays are more expensive. The three-kilometre run before saying I do is another way for the couple to bond and to have a memory that will lasts them a long time even after the excitement of the wedding has long died down.