Different Predicaments That Locksmiths Have To Solve

It is typical for a locksmith in North Lakes to receive urgent calls from people who have been locked out of their homes or cars. Locksmiths have to be prepared to assist extremely frustrated individuals no matter what time of the day or night. Locksmith Jeff Bovie has handled different calls for assistance but a recent one threw him off the loop.

Suspected intruders were spotted through a webcam. They were heading towards the campus’ beloved peregrine falcon family that lives at the top of the iconic 307-foot Sather Tower. Armed with tool boxes, Bovie and Tim Howell, a fellow locksmith, sped across campus, climbed the Campanile and installed a lock on the door of the narrow spiral staircase leading to the raptor’s nesting area.

Bovie chose to stay at the bottom of the stairs, a safe distance from Annie, the mother falcon who is fiercely protecting the chicks Carson and Cade. According to Bovie, the stairs is very narrow and claustrophobic like those at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.

UC Berkeley has 8 locksmiths who hold the keys to hundreds of building on and around the campus. There are literally thousands of secured facilities that include structures built in the late 1800’s when the university was still young. The locksmiths have fixed some of the locks and created some from scratch hardware.

Their job has taken the locksmiths from the hilly heights of Lawrence Hall of Science to the UC Botanical Garden and down to the vast network of underground steam tunnels that were built in the 1900’s. The locksmiths have replaced doorknobs damaged by hyenas and freed people who were trapped inside offices and restrooms. They have protected every corner of the university. They assist when keys are lost, when key cards malfunction and when campus upgrades are necessary for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.

Affordable and reliable service is guaranteed by locksmith in North Lakes for basic lock repairs to complete home security lock upgrades. For large corporations, locksmiths offer complete security system management from top to bottom. For emergencies, expect the locksmith to arrive in less than 30 minutes after the call.