Different Materials Used For Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle riding jacket is an important accessory for the riders. It not only protects the bikers from impact but also enhances their style quotient. Riding jackets are available in a number of materials, designs and models, which makes it difficult for the riders to make their choice.

Jackets are mostly available in three different materials, leather, textile and mesh. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. New bike buyers can visit reputed dealerships that have their own clothing and gear shops with a huge variety of mens motorcycle clothing, women riding clothing and safety gear.

Different materials used to motorcycle riding jackets


Leather is the most popular and in-demand material for jackets. Leather jackets look stylish and are highly functional. These jackets are the most durable and offer maximum protection. Leather jackets are available in different thicknesses. The heavy jackets are highly impact resistant and offer maximum protection while the lighter ones are suitable for everyday riding. The only disadvantage is that leather, being a natural material is not hundred percent waterproof. Leather is also not suitable for hot and humid conditions.


Motorcycle jackets made with different types of textiles such as cotton and synthetic are increasingly getting popular. These jackets are affordable and functional. The stylish textile jackets are light weight and are available in a lot of designs and colours. Textile jackets are available in a lot of models like, lightweight, waterproof and snow proof. However, buyers have to choose very carefully, while buying a textile jacket as there are many replicas that appear to be riding jackets.  They should purchase branded textile jackets from reputed mens motorcycle clothing shops.

Mesh jackets

Mesh jackets provide good ventilation. They are suitable for places with hot climatic conditions. The tiny holes in mesh jackets make it breathable and airy. These jackets are available in a host of colours and designs to suits the requirements of different buyers.

Buyers have to choose the right material depending upon their riding style and climate. They can visit reputed mens motorcycle clothing shops to view jackets in different models and materials and choose their preferred one.