Danang Witnessed Breathtaking Pyrotechnic Event

One of the reasons why people flock to Danang Hotel the past week is because of the local tradition called the Danang International Fireworks Festival. This is a competition where teams show off their most breathtaking fireworks display. The last day for the most awaited DIFF of 2019 witnessed two of the last remaining teams as they showcase the pyrotechnic show they have prepared. The last day of the competition night was a bid for them to win a spot where they can compete once more for the finale to be held on the 6th of July.

During the last competition night, a number of presentations entertained everyone who came to watch the DIFF 2019. There were pyrotechnic experts who came from overseas such as China and England to witness the event. There were also dancers, musicians and artists who graced the remarkable night of the event to present their amazing performances.

The last night was the fourth of the consecutive nights that DIFF 2019 was running. There were notable guests who came to enjoy the festivities as well such as the heads of various ministries, central agencies and departments in Vietnam. To name a few, the chairman of the people’s committee in Danang City, Huynh DucTho, was present.

Guests from international scene were also present during the event as well as the media. According to estimate, tens of thousands came to witness the show as they position themselves at the stands located at the Han River’s eastern banks.

The event followed the theme called Burst of Colours and the show surely delivered thanks to the efforts of the artistic directors as well as the producers of the festival. They utilized well the stage which is known to be state-of-the-art and they also employed technology to make sure the light show will be breathtaking.

Tung Duong, a famous balladeer, was there to present one of the well-known ballads called Colors while Adele’s Rolling in the Deep was sung with power by UyenLinh. Many of the guests who are staying at a Danang Hotel surely enjoyed the night of music, colors and fireworks which will surely be remembered for the years to come.