Customer Reviews Vs. Influencer Posts

It is common to read influencer posts on social media. Usually, the influencer is a well-known celebrity who promotes a product or service. However, the endorsement of the influencer is not as effective as customer reviews because many people often doubt whether the celebrity is actually using the product.

Consumers still prefer to buy a product or service based on the personal experience of a customer and not something that is being endorsed by someone who may not be using the product. Customer reviews can influence a purchasing decision particularly when the feedback is genuine and unbiased.

Businesses benefit from customer reviews because:

  • They prove that the business is credible
  • They prove that the business can be trusted
  • They improve SEO because it places the brand in front of the consumers
  • They help consumers decide on a product or service

Meanwhile, consumers also benefit from customer reviews because:

  • Reviews help them a confident purchase decision
  • They present valuable information that are not available in advertisements
  • They prove a business’s reputation
  • They learn about the real-life experience of the customer

Another amazing thing about customer reviews and ratings is they immediately provide a business with exposure in the industry. Additionally, reviews make people aware that they have to research a business before they make a purchasing decision.

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