Cockroaches Have Become Resistant To Pesticides And Baits

Cockroaches don’t die even if you spray them with insecticide. It seems that they have developed a resistance so that the only option to eliminate the cockroach is to crash it. If there are colonies of cockroaches in your property, call for exterminator services to get rid of them in the safest and fastest way.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the number of cockroaches is by being diligent with sanitation. According to Bryan Maier, Kitchener’s branch manager, he has noticed a huge increase in the number of cockroaches over the last 3 years. They population has slowly been building and now it is pretty severe.

There are some units in Ontario where there are thousands and thousands of cockroaches. The units are occupied by people and some of them have developed asthma and serious illnesses from salmonella, e-coli and food-borne pathogens. Twenty years ago, it was easy to control cockroach infestations but now it takes a lot more effort to eliminate colonies and ensure that they don’t return.

There is a synthetic pyrethroid pesticide in the market but it cannot eradicate pests the way it used to. Besides that, Canada and Ontario have strict regulations regarding the introduction of new pesticides. Cockroaches have also become resistant to baits. If you spray insecticide, the pests are pushed into areas that are difficult to access.

To make a long story short, controlling cockroaches has become extremely difficult particularly in community housing with subsidized and below-market rents. According to Gloria MacNeil, director of bylaw enforcement in the City of Kitchener, they have received regular complaints regarding cockroaches and property management is addressing the issues.

However, it is difficult to deal with cockroach issues in multi-residential buildings because the infestation tends to move to another area if not dealt properly. Sometimes, the tenants themselves refuse pest treatment; others who have not been previously affected by the pests have to face the same issue.

The only way to properly deal with cockroach infestation is through exterminator services because they have the training and experience to control the problem. All pest control services are designed to make a property pest-free in the safest way possible.