Chuvit Garden To Be Paved Over

Bangkok is set to receive some new suites in Sukhumvit, as plans to pave over one of its more controversial properties.

The Chuvit Garden, Sukhumvit’s downtown pocket park known for being owned by Chuvit Kamolvisit, who was then discovered to have demolished the businesses of the former tenants of the location, and consequently served jail time for it, will then be repurposed, or, perhaps more accurately, returned to a commercial property.

The park, located at Soi Sukhumvit 10, and is currently owned by Kamolvisit, has now been leased out to Land and Houses Co. Ltd. for the development of a new, mixed-use commercial project, including new suites in Sukhumvit, according to a statement made by the developer.

Chairman Napron Sunthornchitcharoen of the developer’s Board of Directors, revealed that Land and Houses would sign the 30-year lease for the real estate sometime in February.

The park, which Chuvit described as his gift to the public of Bangkok, had been closed since 2016, with signage around the area saying that it was undergoing renovation. Chuvit says that he didn’t really expect the property to have takers. He adds that he wasn’t really looking, but buyers kept giving out offers to him. He has no plans to sell the land, he says, but he was considering that he might lease it.

When people asked as to why he closed the park after Chuvit gifted it to the public, the 57-year old says that enough time has passed, and that it was time to renovate the space and make something new. He says that it’s been a park long enough, with him having spent his time in jail and his property not changing.  He the park was opened in 2006, and was closed a few months following his incarceration after razing several beer bars and stores in the vicinity of the plot in 2003.

Land and Houses revealed its plans for the property, on which they’ll develop 20,000m2 of office space, 400 new suites in Sukhumvit, and an additional 3,000m2 of commercial retail space. They say that they are expecting the project to cost a total of Bt6B, with construction to begin sometime in 2019.