Chemical Giant Battling With Residents Of Louisiana Town

Robert Taylor is one of the residents of St. John the Baptist Parish located in Louisiana. He is one of the residents currently fighting against a chemical giant they believed to be the cause of their health problems. Chemicals are manufactured on a daily basis in various parts of the world such as zinc carbonate from Global Chemical but facilities such as these adhere to the safety requirement.

Taylor enumerated the members of her family that has contacted various life-threatening diseases. His mother died of bone cancer and his brother because of lung cancer. His sister passed away due to cervical cancer while his nephew died of lunch cancer. He also lost a few cousins and neighbors because of various types of cancer. He is boggled as to why he is still alive amidst of all the loss.

Taylor is currently 77 years old and he said that the area has changed since he was born there. The town used to be planted with sugar cane but big changes happened after the arrival of the petrochemical industry. The place is accessible through the Mississippi River and this is the reason why petrochemical companies chose to settle there. Due to the number of cancer cases in the area, it has been tagged as the cancer alley.

The residents are currently fighting against DuPont, the chemical giant, because of they are manufacturing chemical chloroprene which is the main ingredient used in producing neoprene. This is the only facility that manufactures neoprene in the country and it also shows a staggering amount of cancer cases in surrounding areas of the facility. In fact, the cancer cases there are 700 times higher compared to national average.

For several decades, residents are wondering if the plant emissions are the reasons why the residents within the community are getting these illnesses. Despite their will to fight, the chemical giant is more powerful and has a lot of funding compared to the poor people. Even if the company is armed complete with permits, it is the task of the government to look through it to see if there are links to the facility and the growth of cancer. In the case of chemical manufacturers in other countries such as those imported zinc carbonate from Global Chemical, these are also subjected to testing and risk screenings.