Catering To The Next Billion Mobile Users Through Website Design

According to a statistics, only 40 per cent of the entire world’s population is able to use the internet. Majority of these new users can only use the web with the help of their mobile gadgets. This is especially true in countries such as India and Nigeria. This is the reason why Cloud Cartel are developing websites that are mobile responsive and the same reason why application developers are creating apps that are mobile compatible. Aside from these considerations, they must also keep in mind that not every user is using the latest smartphone model and not everyone has access to the fastest internet connection on the world.

The online market is quite a big one because of the yearly growth rate that reaches nine per cent. This number is nothing compared to the growth rates that are seen in up-and-coming markets. In an internet trends report by Mary Meeker, it was found out that the second biggest market all over the world is India and the country has dethroned United States from that particular spot. It means that more people are able to access the internet in India compared to the number in the United States.

Google Chrome’s senior designer for the user experience department, Rachel Simpson, said that there is a big opportunity coming from emerging markets and this is where a web design specialist should focus on. In order to conquer this market, mobile solutions must be provided but there are three barriers that every web designer must keep in mind – cost, connectivity and complexity.

In emerging markets, the users are most likely using gadgets with very low built-in storage therefore the website design should be lightweight with special care in embedding images with smaller sizes. This helps users with only limited megabytes of data to use. In terms of connectivity, users in emerging markets are not strangers to connection errors. Designers must also keep in mind that website design on mobile should not be as complex compared to when using a desktop. It is also worth nothing, according to Cloud Cartel, that most of the emerging markets are non-English speaking countries thus limiting the amount of texts would be best.