Brides May Soon Be Able To Shop Online For Custom Wedding Dress

AmsaleAberra, one of the well-known bridal wear designers, passed away last year due to uterine cancer. Her name is already known to many including Sydney wedding planner but when she passed her business was left to Neil Brown, her husband and the same time business partner, to their daughter and a small group of design team. They are planning to carry on her legacy but they are also aiming to shake the industry by introducing something new. Wedding gown trends have come a long way with different colours now available aside from white – off-white, blush and ivory.

According to Brown, they are planning to change the method of how brides buy their wedding outfit. They are planning to transform the experience into an online shopping one which deviates greatly from the usual shopping trip that requires the attendance and approval of many before purchasing.

Brown shared their vision which is to jump from being a fashion company to start a new trend for a fashion technology company. They are trying to think of ways to stand out in an era where e-commerce and online shopping are dominating. When David’s Bridal, the leading bridal gown retailer in the country, filed for bankruptcy, it became a wakeup call for them to take charge into a new adventure.

Instead of using technology as a support alone, Brown and his team are trying to use it as a complement for what they do to produce something more creative. This is when the company introduced to the market the Amsale x You. This is a platform for brides to go online shopping for their wedding gowns.

The brides will still have the freedom to choose the design of the gown they want. They can choose the bodice, the skirt and the belt if they want to. They can set their correct body size and mix and match options to see what will suit them the best. Every order will charge the same fee which is $5,000 so the bride does not have to worry about the material or the style affecting the cost. The company’s brave move to use technology inspired Sydney wedding planner to use the same tool to get more clients and be bolder in the wedding industry.