Bombs From Saudi A Means To Bring Down Iran

Yemen has been battling with the turmoil happening inside its soil for months now. It is located at the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The turmoil which started is now turning into something more – political power struggle – proving to be getting more dangerous.

Yemen’s military installation were bombed last Thursday. The bombs were released by jets under Saudi Arabia and aims to shake down the Shiite rebels. The rebels were known to be the reason the president fleed the country. Aside from this incidents, there were also rumors of ground fight happening.

Analysts interpreted these actions and expressed their opinion about Iran and Saudi Arabia starting a high stake war. While the turmoil continues, officials from the United States of America are starting to feel alarmed with where the things are going. It is not a secret that Yemen is a vital part of the counterterrorism operations of the United States.

All of this started when the rebels which are also more commonly called Houthis, captured the capital of Yemen last September. This then leads to the president leaving the country. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi is known to be backed by Americans. He left for Aden but he left again last Wednesday ot Thursday. A spokesman revealed that after leaving Aden, President Hadi was transported safely to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The al Qaeda stationed in the Arabian Peninsula was considered the most vicious kinds of terrorists. Hadi aided the United States in a fight against the terrorist group. It was only last week when the chaos is getting out of hand that the US ordered 125 of its military advisers to leave the country.

The Houthis are keen on destroying Hadi because they see him as merely a puppet of the Gulf and the West. The rebels are supported by Yemen’s controller for three decades, Ali Abdullah Saleh who was thrown out last 2012.

Saudi and Arab were allied into bombing the airport and the air base. Defense minister from Saudi said that they are willing to send ground forces if the situation arise while Egypt agreed to help.