Boiler Breakdown Fears In UK Homeowners

About 30 percent of the homeowners in UK fear that they will encounter issues with regards to their boiler in the coming winter. This is in accordance to a new research where many say that they would perhaps be left struggling to pay for the high repair cost.

Experts say that many of the homeowners can claim the cost of their emergency boilers under their home building insurance. The survey which was commissioned by a site that compared prices, found out that about 43 percent of household owners have experienced problem with their boilers in the last three years where homeowners pay an average of 344 pounds for their repair. On the other hand, nine percent faced bills which are in excess of 1,000 pounds. Around 56 percent said that their boiler is in need of minor repairs and 20 percent experienced major breakdowns while 1/5 of the total respondents needed to have new boilers in their homes.

When the homeowners were asked how they will pay their bill of 300 pounds if ever their boiler breaks down this coming winter, only 34 percent of the homeowners surveyed said that they had ample money for such emergency while about 11 percent would have to pay the repairs by credit card. Thirty one percent of those surveyed said that they have sufficient specific boiler insurance.

The energy price site advised homeowners that they may have cover for their central heating repairs or emergency boiler repairs under their home building insurances. The home emergency insurance covers the household misfortunes, and which typically insures the recipient against failure of his home heating system, home security issues or drainage and plumbing troubles. It generally will cover all the cost of labor, call-out charges as well as materials used for temporary or permanent repairs which also is limited to a certain amount per claim.

While the insurance may cover the accidents or failure of your equipments, it typically excludes problems that results from systems which are not properly maintained. As such, the heating systems or boiler problems will only be covered if they have been serviced or inspected by a professional within 12 months. You will need the help of plumbing servicing company like the M & S Plumbing.