BMA Promises To Relocate Overhead Cables Underground By 2021

KrungthepThanakom, a subsidiary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or BMA, recently announced that they are already on the process of building an underground pipeline network in the capital of Thailand in order to relocate all the cables, both broadcast and telecom, within a span of two years. This is good news for local business including Sukhumvit 11 hotels because the eyesore has been an ongoing issue for quite a while already.

In order for the metropolitan city to be rid of the overhead cables, the pipeline will have to be constructed the whole stretch of roads covering the city which is about 1,260 kilometres.

According to National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s secretary general, TakornTantasith, the city will not only look better without the overhead cables but it will also pave way for the digital economy of the country and will help improve network connectivity in a time where Internet of Things is considered a need rather than a luxury.

The announcement was made after the green light was given by the National Digital Economy and Society Committee spearheaded by PrajinJuntong, the deputy prime minister. The committee was the one who have the approval to the plans of the BMA to push through with the project and the cabinet gave their thumbs up for the NDESC resolution at the beginning of the year.

AsawinKwanmuang, the governor of BMA, said that the process will be divided into four stages but the construction is to continue as the four phases are carried out. The costs of the building of the pipelines will be shouldered by the operators of broadcasting companies and telecommunications group in the country as managed by the NBTC.

Once the project is completed, the BMA will be the one in charge of the pipelines’ management and the telecom operators broadcasting companies will have to pay in order to access them. The rental fee will be around 10,000 baht for every kilometre used monthly. This is also the same rate charged by the TOT for their pipelines. This project is already anticipated by Sukhumvit 11 hotels as many of their guests are hoping for faster internet connectivity.