Australians To See More Solar Panels On The Gold Coast And Other Key Locations After Government Approval

Analysts expect power capacity of Australia’s solar power systems to double within a year.

With recent plans set by the government to use renewable energy resources, Australians may be able to see more solar panels on the Gold Coast as well as other key locations in the country. This is partly because of the approval of solar farms and rooftop installations that are expected to boost the amount of solar energy harnessed throughout the country.

Solar Energy Boom

Experts are expecting a huge solar energy boom in Australia within 2018 after the approval of solar farms in Queensland and New South Wales. This is more likely to be responsible for the sudden emergence of solar panels on the Gold Coast, where industrial solar farms, government-funded projects, and individual home and business owners work together in increasing the number of solar power systems in Australia.

The year started off with the largest number of rooftop installations in the country, according to SunWiz, and industry analyst, and the website RenewEconomy. It was a 69% increase in the number of solar panels compared to January last year. The rooftop installation on the first month of 2018 saw 111MW new solar panels, and is expected to grow even more throughout the following months and years. Experts believe that this is mainly because of low installation costs and the increased participation of companies offering related goods and services.

More Farms for the Future

New South Wales approved ten additional solar farms in 2017, which was twice as much as they approved in 2016. They have approved another farm in 2018. Queensland is currently home to 18 ongoing large-scale projects, the largest number in Australia to date.

The new farms are expected to be up and running by 2019, says Smart Energy Council chief executive John Grimes. He explains that the farms are usually built within a course of a few weeks. He adds that the construction process is quick and simple enough that they expect the farms to start harnessing and distributing solar energy come next year.

He further explains that the fact that solar farms and rooftop installations are both booming would be a combined force that would help Australia achieve its goal of increasing their reliance on renewable energy.