Aussie Drivers Earning Through Car Wrapping

If you think getting car wraps in Brisbane is fun, how about getting a car wrap and earning at the same time? Share economy is currently on a roll with the introduction of companies such as Airbnb and Uber. It is not only helping big brands earn money, it is also helping Australians rake in a few dollars every month. A new company is trying to find its place in the midst of it all but it targets everything on the road. Wrappli is a startup company based in Sydney which gives drivers the opportunity to earn some money while riding around and parading the biggest brands in the nation.

The company was established in 2017 and it currently has over 2,600 drivers who have registered all over Australia. Many of them are earning money without requiring them to alter the usual driving routes they take either to work or school.

Based on the process, Wrappli will be able to monitor the daily routes which the driver takes and then it is matched with a brand that is willing to advertise. Approved vehicles will then be wrapped with the banding of the said ad company and transforming the vehicle into a mobile billboard for the duration of the campaign.

Drivers can opt for the type of wrap advertising they prefer from full wraps to partial wraps and even just rear wraps. They could earn between $150 and $600 which depends on the type of wrap and the length of the route they take. There is no cost on the drivers end and they could earn simply for driving their kids to school or running errands at the supermarket.

According to Wrappli’s department head of social media and driver acquisition, Neil Kulkarni, they wanted to make sure drivers get the value they need by creating a community of drivers that have more earnings. Before they are commissioned, the driver needs to undergo background check and the vehicle must not be older than eight years old. After acceptance to the program, before they can undergo car wraps in Brisbane, the driver must be matched with an advertiser by installing a tracker on their vehicle.