Asia Introduced To Tourists Through Bangkok

Majority of the tourists in Bangkok view the city as the place where one is able to experience markets, traffic, temples and shopping at the same time. The city is considered as the major hub that represents the entirety of Southeast Asia. Tourists from all over the Asia Pacific are like magnets drawn to the city of Bangkok. Luxury hotels can be found at every part of the city such as the hotel near Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit which is attractive to those who want to try the Japanese cuisine served in the country. It has achieved an international city status but it is pronounced now more than ever. Different neighborhoods and venues are able to cater to the need of tourists and expats coming to the country thus it has been dubbed as the best place to go to in order to experience the various culture that East and South Asia has to offer.

The countries Singapore and Hong Kong are also great options because they are user-friendly and offer a diverse culture setting but these cities are more expensive in comparison to Bangkok.

When it comes to culture, the influence of the Japanese, Korean and Chinese is quite distinct in Bangkok. The good thing is that you do not have to locate these places in order to experience East Asia.

If you want to experience the city of Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore, all you have to do is visit the one of a kind night market in the city which is called Asiatique in the Riverfront. From there you will be able to witness various offerings influenced by these South East Asian cities.

If you are craving for Japanese or Korean cuisine, all you have to do is visit the food court of the shopping mall called Siam Center and you will be met by overwhelming options of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Of course, you won’t have to do so if you are staying in a hotel near Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit where you can try the food anytime you want. Within Bangkok, you will be able to have a glimpse of Japan, Korea, India, China and Singapore.