Apple And Microsoft Backing API Proposals By ONC

Cloud computing in the healthcare industry is starting to dominate the sector that companies like Rend Tech Associates are offering their services as providers to medical institutions. Tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft are also on the forefront of these changes. Recently, the two companies penned a letter addressed to the CMS and to ONC for Health IT to consider the proposals they have regarding information blocking and companion interoperability. The two brands are not denying that they are backing these two proposed rules.

It is not surprising that Apple is in support of the measures done by the agency to make sure patients have access to their health data through the use of third party applications. In fact, Apple is already taking a step in this direction with the introduction of their health records initiative. It is currently being used live by hundreds of medical institutions and it gives patients the opportunity to access their health data through participating providers using their mobile Health app installed in their iPhone. They were able to connect patients with their health records through the EHR of the provider and the iPhone of the patients.

The rules have been proposed by ONC and CMS for quite a while already and they were introduced back in February. The rules covered that regulators will mandate insurers along with providers to connect with patients to have access to their medical data. The highlight is the utilization of the APIs that will bridge the IT systems like health records stored electronically and the third party applications.

Despite the two controversial inclusions in the rule by ONC, Apple answered it with positivity. The agreement is that API technology can charged patients to access their health records but there must be a capping to the amount of fees they can impose and they are also required to disclose the price.

Apple said that they are in full support of the price transparency as well as to promote competition in the market. This is fair according to cloud providers such as Rend Tech Associates as they follow the same rule when providing services to hospitals and clinics.