Appeal For Drug Rehab Center Denied By Commissioners

According to claims, the commissioners of the Christian County sent a proposal to the planning and development commission of the county regarding a drug rehab center. The appeal was said to be made on the 9th of March but the commissioners said that it is not true. While many are wishing for the county to have something like the California detox clinic, they are willing to wait until a rehab facility is constructed in the area.

The very first discussion regarding the facility was held last year on December 18. Over three hours were spent for the public hearing as reported by the Headliner News. During the public hearing, the neighbors were able to present their concerns regarding the proposed facility which they fear will impact the property values, cause traffic and put the safety of the locals at risk especially those who are living close to the proposed rehab center.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed through a vote of 5 to 2 that they will award the project a conditional use permit. With this, they have the permission to build the facility at the site on 2608 Smyrna Road, Ozark. The property spans 38 acres and is under the Synergy Recovery Center whose owners are Anna Koetting and Paige Tuck. Both of them have a professional license as councilors.

Archives showed that the tandem also opened a residential facility for women in Rogersville back in 2015. There were opponents coming from the community as well. During the meeting last year, the pair said that the facility is already welcomed by the community because of its benefits. Now they are on a path to build a facility for men needing rehab programs which is obviously a necessity.

As of writing, many residents of Ozark are not happy with the proposal because they are worried that the facility will worsen the rate of homelessness in the area. Unlike high-end California detox clinic, the facility is only available for patients in a program basis and once they are done with the program they have to leave regardless if they have somewhere to stay or not.