Amazon To Encourage More Individuals To Join The Logistics Industry

Compare the prices of a courier online with others in the industry in order to gain the best deal. Parcel comparison has been made easy through comparison engines that allow you to get different quotes from a wide range of courier services. There are courier companies that have gained a reputation for reliability and trustworthy service in both freight and parcel delivery.

On the other hand, there are giant online retailers that do not use courier services for their domestic and international deliveries. One example is Amazon that has its own fleet of trucks and airplanes including delivery drones. At the end of June, Amazon launched a new delivery initiative that puts more feet on the ground and more vans on highways.

This newdelivery method of Amazon focuses on partnerships with pre-existing companies and individuals. Amazon Logistics makes the effort to increase delivery capacity by helping other people mitigate the risks of starting a business. According to Amanda Ip, a spokesperson of Amazon, their new program empowers more individuals to enter the logistics industry and ride with the present tide of commerce.

Three weeks of initial logistics training is provided by Amazon including negotiated pricing on 40 vans with the Amazon brand, insurances, licenses, equipment, uniforms and endless package demands. The program will allow residents of large metro areas in the US to open and manage their own delivery services for $10,000. Amazon has also committed $1 million for military veteran start-ups.

Because of the increasing demand, Amazon Logistics has an option to guarantee the free 2-day shipping that is offered for Amazon Prime purchases. Amazon requires a lot of incremental capacity for delivery for the next 5 years, 10 years, 15, years, 20 years and the future. Companies that are logistically supported by Amazon Logistics can earn an approximate $300,000 a year by delivering packages.

Shipping goods across the country can be costly that is why it is important to compare courier online to locate the right service. There are courier companies that offer lower rates with discounts as a means of attracting new customers and driving growth. Comparison services will help you compare quotes so that you can send your parcel for the least cost.