Airtasker Taking Jobs Across WA As Armadale Accounting For A Lot Of Postings

Outsourcing services like carpet cleaning in Perth is gaining more popularity across the AU, and the suburb of Armadale is certainly backing that up. The Perth suburb is in a good spot to be dubbed the laziest suburb in the city, as it accounts for at least 10% of all the WA listings on the outsourcing platform, Airtasker.

Airtasker is an Aussie site that lets people across the country outsource jobs, ranging from common everyday tasks to more eccentric jobs. For 2018, West Australians averaged in at 1,000 job postings every week on the platform, which range from things like carpet cleaning in Perth, or stranger tasks, like doing school homework and filling out insurance claims.

Armadale managed to top the list, with Scarborough (8%) at second, followed by Canning Vale (5%). Scarborough, notably, has a younger demographic, which made it a hotspot for outsourcing, particularly for tasks like tech support, pet care, and, to the benefit of companies that handle carpet cleaning in Perth and the like, cleaning requests.

For outsourcing pest removal, however, Baldivis was the suburb with the most listings.

Airtasker CEO Tim Fung sees this trend not as laziness, but rather as people valuing their time. He explains that the top suburbs in the AU, in terms of outsourcing, is indicative of the growing number of Aussies  who put more value on their time; they know what tasks they can or prefer to do, and which they prefer to leave to an expert.

He noted that the top suburbs for Airtasker postings, all of them, like Surry Hills and Bondi Beach, have a demographic comprised heavily of young Aussie professionals, alongside their families. Fung says that this is a tech-savvy demographic, who grew up having more options for getting things done.

Stephen Lewis, 59, is a Perth handyman who’s been on the Airtasker platform for around two years. He’s a general handyman, who has been tinkering with things and fixing stuff up since he was young.

Lewis says that the variety of work in Airtasker’s platform is appealing, and understands how it appeals for those with tight schedules.  He notes, however, that major jobs need professionals, like tradies. But for smaller jobs, Airtasker works best, since they have much lower rates.