Advocates Pushing To Decriminalize The Sex Trade

There are many countries where the sex trade is legal such as Sydney out call escorts and these groups of people are protected by the law. The sex workers in the United States are also aiming for same thing as they rally in Ridge wood New York. Almost 200 sex workers came to attend and push for what they are aiming along with ally organizations. They came together in Dream house where they talked about the federal policies that have an impact on their lives as well as their jobs. Present during the assembly are pornographers, escorts, strippers and pro-dommes.

The event was called Rights Not Rescue: A Sex Worker Town Hall. It was a public gathering that for the first time ever was sponsored by a congressional candidate, Suraj Patel. It is his first time to run for office coming from the 12th Congressional District of New York. It is also part of Patel’s platform to remove funding from the ICE and legalize the use of marijuana in the state.

Patel is recognized to be the first primary candidate to oppose SESTA-FOSTA, a recently passed federal law. Despite the fact that he did not win during the election, his campaign was quite powerful that it awoken the sex trade industry and its importance as a constituent.

SESTA-FOSTA is also known as The Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. It was put in place in order to make sure that traffickers will not be successful in dealing online but many critics came forward as they are against the law. These critics are comprised of human rights activists and freedom of speech advocates. The biggest opposition came from the very group that the law is trying to protect, the sex workers.

The sex trade industry believes that criminalizing online transactions will only lead to them being put in dangerous situations. The ultimate goal is to decriminalize the sex industry as a whole. They wanted to achieve the freedom earned by Sydney outcall escorts where they are considered to have legal employment. Patel was hoping that through the town hall event the authorities will heard the sides of the sex workers and carefully reconsider the law.