Advantages Of Opting For Serviced Apartment

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination and is also the financial capital of Thailand. The city attracts large crowds of tourists from all over the world and has a range of accommodation options to choose from. The accommodation options in Bangkok range from, seven and five star hotels and resorts, serviced apartments and boutique hotels to shared hostels and guesthouses.

The popularity of serviced apartments is increasing day by day. The amenities provided at these apartments combined with the low costs are causing an increase in the demand for serviced apartments.  More and more travellers are choosing to hire serviced apartment in Bangkok because of the following advantages.

 Low Costs

The huge costs of hotel rooms are a factor that led to the popularity of serviced apartments. Especially for families, who wish to stay in the city for longer durations, serviced apartment Bangkok is a cost effective option. The rent of serviced apartments is far less when compared to the per night rent of hotel rooms. Hiring serviced apartments makes much sense, if you are travelling with family or a large group. Instead of hiring multiple hotel rooms, renting a serviced apartment will prove to be a economical option. Moreover, most of the serviced apartments can be rented for any duration starting with a week to fortnight, a month or a year.


Hotels are mostly located close to the business districts or the commercial zones of the city. Most of the luxurious serviced apartments are located in beautiful neighbourhoods. Tourists can experience the local way of life while still enjoying the amenities provided at these apartments.


Serviced apartments are equipped with better amenities when compared to the hotels. The luxurious serviced apartment Bangkok is equipped with hot tubs or Jacuzzis, kitchens or kitchenettes, flat screen televisions and private washers and dryers etc. Most of the serviced apartments also provide swimming pool, fitness centres and free tuk-tuk rides for the guests.


Guests can enjoy the luxury of living in spacious serviced apartment in Bangkok instead of the cramped hotel rooms which have limited space. They can hire one bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments depending upon their requirement and enjoy their stay. They can get the feeling of warmth and comfort of living in a home with their loved ones.