About Us

Teresa J Epps

It is our mission at Living History Society to provide people with up-to -date news on any upcoming events, activities and workshops to increase their knowledge on the lifestyle of Americans in the mid-19th century. Members of the Living History Society can have the opportunity to join groups and participate in hands-on activities so that they can eventually share the knowledge acquired to other people.

Workshops are organized so that members of the Living History Society can develop their own skills in making their own clothing, bonnets, crinolines and other items that may be necessary when they portray the actual life of Americans during the 19th century. In addition, other activities are often scheduled for the purposes of information on 19th century photography, politics, transportation, etiquette, civil lifestyles and other topics of interest so that when they interpret 19th century society, it will be as close as possible to the truth.

The Living History Society shows its dedication towards the advancement of living history in the form of interpretation. However, in order to achieve the goals, it is important for the association to gain support and this can only be generated through information. It is therefore the purpose of Living History Society to spread information to the public and we hope that it will be beneficial.

People are invited to join the community of Living History Society so that they can gain the opportunity to work with the members of the organization. A complete 19th century wardrobe can provided for new members so that they can be dressed up accordingly for any event. However, it is suggested that before you make a commitment to become a member of the organization, you need to attend a meeting or some of the activities. It makes sense to know and understand the objectives and goals of Living History Society before you sign up for membership. Considerable research is also necessary in order to ensure authenticity when there is an event that requires historical reenactment.

If you want to be an active participant of Living History Society, feel free to ask questions or contact us at www.livinghistory.org.

Teresa Epps