43 Million Dollar Sports Complex Project Include Artificial Grass

Ever since the movie, “AI: Artificial Intelligence” came out in the movie houses in 2001, many has been wondering: is it really possible to create something, artificially? And 16 years after the movie was released, we now know the answer to that question. Everything and anything can be produced and reproduced using artificial methods. You see, the continuous change of today’s technology has been enabling various industries to mass produce anything that they may need along the way to make them more efficient in completing a wide variety of tasks that are needed to be completed on a daily basis. In addition to this, artificial methods have allowed human beings to have babies without actually having sex. This is just one of the many wonders that artificial methods of producing things has been able to give us because whether we like it or not, some couples are just unfortunate not to be capable of having kids of their own using the natural methods and the artificial methods have allowed them to make their dream a reality. Nowadays, there are many things that can be created using the artificial methods and among those things that have been useful is the artificial grass.

In a news report that was dated last October 26, 2016, turf researchers from the University of Tennessee have been reported to have proposed to have a brand new sports complex for Knoxville. The initial cost of the said project, according to the report, was around 43 million Dollars. The said sports complex was said to be focusing on providing a better amount of safety to the athletes and also to help improve athletes’ overall performance by adding up a facility for research purposes within its premises. Aside from sports and research facilities, the said complex is said to be installed with artificial grass because one of the beliefs of turf researchers who proposed the construction of the structure is that every piece, even to down last grain of grass can play a vital role to the game and to the safety and performance level of the athletes themselves.