4 Types Of Lawyers And What They Do

Are you trying to find a lawyer to fight your case? You don’t have any contacts in your list. You are not local to the place you are in. No lawyer is ready to take up your case. Are you facing discrimination and nobody is ready to support? Have you been assaulted or a wrong case of assault is filed on you. You are being fired without proper reason and you want to fight back for your right. Want to sue someone or getting sued for uncommitted mistake.

Whatever the situation, you need the services of an experienced lawyer to guide you in the fight to protect your rights. Visit mydefence.ca the website of Donich Law for guidance in all types of criminal cases such as stalking, harassment at workplace, sexual assault, theft, shoplifting and so on.

A country has many laws and hence there are many lawyers, who specialize in these laws. Let us discuss about a few types of lawyers.

Civil lawyers

If you have any problem with your rights i.e., your property issues, your work right problems, then civil lawyers will help you out. They represent your case in the court and ensure your rights are protected.

Criminal Lawyers

If you are being accused of illegal activities or you has threat from someone else that they might harm you then you will have to approach criminal lawyers. Assault cases also come under criminal law as they are harm to pride of victim. Approach mydefence.ca to handle different types of criminal cases.

Corporate Lawyers

If you have any business related cases as trademarks, patent rights violation, contract breech then you need to be assisted by corporate lawyers. If you have some business or personal problem in other countries then you need assistance of International lawyers.  International lawyers should have idea on laws of both the countries.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers handle disputes relating to personal injuries, which consist of both physical and mental harm. These lawyers help the injured persons to recover damages from the person or entities that caused the injury. They also represent the entities and persons, who are sued for damages.

You have to approach a suitable lawyer depending on the nature of the case. For example, if you are filing a criminal case or are accused of a criminal act, consult mydefence.ca for guidance on how to deal with the charges.