3 Things To Consider For Starbright Montessori Education For Your Children 

If this is the first time for you to send a child to a preschool, such as Starbright Montessori, then I must say the consideration process might be more challenging for you. You might want to ask your friends or family who has sent their children to preschool for ideas and the things they considered in picking a preschool. But if you want to learn things your way, here are some things that you might want to consider when sending a child to preschool.


All parents want to give their child high quality education. However, it is a fact that education can be expensive and some schools can be more costly than the others. You can call some schools or check through the internet on the different preschools in your area to determine the tuition or school fees. Find out if the fees include the books or snacks and other needs. Consider at least three to five preschools for you to choose from. If your child has an education plan, find out from the school if you can use it and if they have programs to lower down the costs.


There are different kinds of Starbright Montessori preschool programs. There are full-day preschool program that offers extended care while there are also half-day preschool program.  In choosing the type of program for your child, consider your schedule as well or the other members of the family. If you need to work for eight hours and no one will take care of your child if you choose the half-day program, then it would be best to take the full-day program. However, if you or your partner works in shifts or if your schedules are amenable to take care of your child, you can opt for the half-day preschool program.

Educational philosophy

Aside from the programs, there are also different philosophies used in teaching preschools. There are those designed for home school, small home setting and/or center style philosophy. Ask the school administrator for advice or you can also consult your child’s pediatrician for ideas.