3 Things To Consider Before Calling Wedding Caterers In Sydney

Before you call some wedding caterers in Sydney, it would be best to determine a few important things in order for the transaction to be fast and efficient. With the right details, it would be easier for the caterer to deliver your orders. Place your reservations a month or two before your wedding especially if you are going to order from a popular food caterer. You should also place an advance booking if your wedding falls during wedding season such as on June or February. Some of the important details that you should be ready with may include the following.

Your food orders

The food that you are going to order for your wedding should be suited to the time and venue of your reception. For instance, if your wedding ceremony will be had early in the morning by the beach, it would only be right to pick a breakfast menu and you can just add some platter menu or come up with food stations for more food variety. Choose a wedding caterer that offers a wide variety of food choices. Talk with the contractor if you have special requests or food ideas. Consider a number of aspects for your wedding such as the right motif or design, the venue and of course, the right dishes toserve in order to have a pleasant and memorable event.

Number of guests

If you are planning to invite a higher number of guests, consider having a buffet. The best thing about choosing buffet dishes from wedding caterers in Sydney is you get more dish variety. Buffer dishes reduces the need to have more food servers during the event.

Your budget

Another important detail that you might want to consider is your budget. There are wedding caterers in Sydney that will ask you up front how much is your budget and they will offer a menu for you based on your budget. Choose a wedding caterer that offers budget menu and allows customization of orders. Talk to the catering company if you have other preferences and requests in relation to your food orders.